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Data Center

Our goal is to be the first choice for mid-market businesses, every time, for Telecom/IT Co-Location & Data Center infrastructure solutions.


Colocation Your Way

EneriVisions colocation services can be tailored to your specific needs. That includes rack, cabinet and cage space — or any combination of them — that can be configured to your specifications. A wide range of power and network options are available, and additional space, power and bandwidth can be arranged quickly to ensure we can accommodate your growth and changing needs.

Strategically located throughout the U.S. & offshore locations, Envisions data centers serve customers of all sizes in local markets, across the nation and throughout the world. We are continually upgrading and expanding our current facilities and branching out to new markets to help ensure we can deliver the high-quality colocation services our customers expect and be where they need us to be.

With EneriVisions compliance-grade colocation services, you get the benefits of our network of enterprise-class data centers from industry-leading technologies and equipment to our no-fail, best-in-class network. Cost effective, reliable and agile, EneriVisions colocation services are tailored to meet your unique needs today and tomorrow.

Every data center houses a technical assistance centers (TAC) manned by our experts 24/7/365 to help ensure equipment and/ or critical applications are always up and running,

immediately accessible and secure. EneriVisions employs a comprehensive training program to help ensure our data center personnel are trained in all aspects of data center operations and security. Solutions engineers are also available to work with customers to architect tailored solutions that best meet their needs. In addition, all EneriVisions markets are staffed by a general manager and director of service delivery. They are empowered to make decisions at the local level to best serve customers. There are no multiple layers of red tape to wade through.

Environmental Controls and Redundancy

Designed for efficiency and cost savings, EneriVisions data centers incorporate cooling solutions that ensure consistent temperature and humidity levels at all times to protect mission critical technology. In addition, critical facility components (i.e. UPS and cooling systems) throughout EneriVisions data centers are redundant. This allows regular preventive maintenance to be performed on the equipment with no impact to the customer. EneriVisions environmental control and redundancy features include:

  • Controlled temperature and humidity via HVAC units
  • Redundant backup power via multiple UPSs
  • Multiple CRAC units
  • Fire suppression
  • Multiple local and regional vendor contracts
  • Geographic diversity/redundancy via other EneriVisions data centers
  • Redundant network infrastructure
  • N+1 UPS systems
  • Raised floor cooling with cold aisle containment to help reduce energy costs

EneriVisions also employs a number of energy efficiency best practices. The tactics vary from data center to data center but include:

  • Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) on the air-cooled chillers to improve their efficiency by reducing the rotational speed of a compressor in response to off-peak, lower-load conditions. This reduced rotational speed means the compressor does not have to work as hard, so the chiller consumes far less power during off-peak conditions.
  • Air conditioning units equipped with unloaders to provide four-step capacity control, allowing the units to run at as low as 25% capacity.
  • Simple data center enhancements such as strip doors and floor tile cuts fitted with “cold-lock” air locks to maintain a high level of air conditioning efficiency.
  • The use of rack blanking panels to eliminate gaps in the server racks and create a contained server rack environment, which helps increase usable cooling unit capacity and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the cooling infrastructure.
  • The installation of UPS systems rated at 90% plus efficiency.
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to track where cold air losses occur.
  • Leveraging virtualization technology to reduce the number of physical servers and resulting power consumption needed to run our IT infrastructure.  
  • Cardboard recycling. We recycle all of the boxes for our equipment as well as our customers’ to ensure they don’t end up in the garbage.


The EneriVisions network was built to meet or exceed commercial telecommunications standards worldwide for availability, integrity and confidentiality. It incorporates redundancy to ensure reliable connectivity and maximum uptime with no singlepoint data transmission bottlenecks to or from the data center. EneriVisions data centers are equipped with best-in-class network features, including:

  • All Cisco network
  • Network optimization for dead path protection
  • Diverse fiber entry points
  • Internet/network access options – 10, 100, 1000Mb/s connectivity
  • Redundant Internet with multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit connections

The EneriVisions network backbone consists of a multi-carrier, redundant configuration to ensure there is no single point-of-failure. EneriVisions’s local fiber connectivity features a minimum of two fiber providers with dual-entry points at each facility providing a minimum GigE connection into the facility. All of the sites have numerous Tier 1 IP providers and are interconnected via a private mesh network.

Network services include Internet access, DNS hosting and private transport network services.

Private Transport Network

EneriVisions’s private network services can be used to carry data, video and voice services together over the same connection. Services do not traverse the public Internet and are not shared services, providing both security and reliability. Peak 10 private network services include Virtual Private Line (VPL), a routed service and Ethernet Private Line (EPL), a bridged service. EneriVisions also offers Level 3’s Cloud Connect Solutions – Ethernet, a private network service that combines the benefits of the public Internet infrastructure (public networks) with the inherent benefits of a private network infrastructure, providing a “best of both worlds” solution for network circuit provisioning.

Move to the Cloud

Our network of data centers also support our enterprise-class, HIPAA- and PCI compliant cloud infrastructure. If you’re interested in adding cloud services to your IT outsourcing mix or creating a hybrid cloud strategy, EneriVisions has you covered.

Built with advanced technology at the network, compute and storage levels, Peak 10’s cloud infrastructure incorporates industry-leading virtualization technologies deployed on Cisco’s Unified Computing System™ (UCS) to offer maximum availability. Whether you’re interested in public, private, recovery or hybrid cloud services, EneriVisions can help you architect the right solution.

Top-level Security


All EneriVisions data center facilities incorporate multiple physical and operational security features and protocols. Among them are:

  • Combination lock cabinets
  • 24/7/365 monitored video surveillance with video stored for review for nonrepudiation
  • Alarmed and monitored perimeter doors
  • Door event alarming in which auto tickets and texts are sent to staff if abnormal door events occur
  • Visitor sign-in via iPad, in which a visitor’s driver’s license is scanned, the visitor quickly verified and placed into a database before printing the visitor badge
  • Package tracking, which allows the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to record receipt of customer packages into a database and track their storage locations.