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Value Added Distribution

We work with virtually every manufacturer in the wireless world

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We repair and service a broad range of equipment

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We perform a variety of services including equipment aggregation & staging, hardware configuration,

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Professional Services

We pride ourselves at being able to think beyond the obvious to approach problems holistically

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Engineering, Furnish & Installation

We provide engineering, installation

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Cuba Initiatives

Partnering with Cuba into an Exciting New Technological Era.

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Eneri Visions can help you realize huge capital cost savings by maximizing efficiency in your supply chain. Our supply chain solutions include:

  • Logistics/Warehousing
  • Asset Management
  • Integration and Staging
  • E-Tracking and Management


We perform a variety of services including equipment aggregation & staging, hardware configuration, software imaging, asset tagging and auditing. Our value-added services dramatically reduce the complexity and inefficiency often associated with managing the delivery of goods. At the same time, our services greatly accelerate the technology deployment process and maximize return on technology investment.

Asset Management

By working with Eneri Visions, operators can make fast muti-vendor purchasing decisions from a single cost-effective source. Do you have equipment to sell? Looking to turn excess equipment into new revenue? Interested in exchanging equipment that you no longer need for equipment you want? No worries…problem solved! Our unique approach will blend new and certified pre-owned equipment with the best of your existing infrastructure to bring you the greatest complement of service and value. It’s the most cost effective way to increase capacity and capabilities, while protecting your investment. Eneri Visions can help you maximize the value of excess equipment while minimizing the expense and management attention to the process. We work with Operators to value equipment assets and create a custom equipment disposition program to get you the highest return.

  • Asset Exchange Program : Eneri Globlal’s asset exchange program is designed to help customers maximize their capital budget by substituting or exchanging, equipment from the customer’s existing inventory for equipment that the customer wants to purchase. Exchange deals are typically executed for high demand infrastructure equipment.
  • Direct Purchase Program : Eneri Visions’ direct purchase program involves our directly purchased equipment from the operator, either through direct payment or credit for future purchases.
  • Equipment Disposal Program : Some equipment is no longer marketable and should be disposed of or scrapped. Eneri can provide support to customers to manage the disposition of this equipment in a manner that complies with environmental regulations.

Integration and Staging

Our team of technology professionals offers configuration and integration services including equipment aggregation and staging; hardware configuration; software imaging; asset tagging; and auditing. These services, are backed by our quality processes and supported by on-line project management tools.

E-Tracking and Management

Our robust E-commerce tracking system allows you to efficiently track and manage all your procurement and inventory in real-time. Capabilities include:

  • Product availability inquiries
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Research/Comparisons
  • Approval and Routing
  • Requisition and Procurement
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