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Value Added Distribution

Value Added Distribution

We work with virtually every manufacturer in the wireless world

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We repair and service a broad range of equipment

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We perform a variety of services including equipment aggregation & staging, hardware configuration,

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Professional Services

We pride ourselves at being able to think beyond the obvious to approach problems holistically

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Engineering, Furnish & Installation

We provide engineering, installation

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Cuba Initiatives

Partnering with Cuba into an Exciting New Technological Era.

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VAR (Value Added Distribution) in Africa, into the “Last Mile ” of the supply chain is our focus and strength. EneriVisions works with virtually every manufacturer in the wireless world, and maintains the largest and most comprehensive product portfolio. We customize and ship products on behalf of numerous manufacturers and major distribution partners. Partnership with EneriVisions means more than just moving boxes − we help customers increase market share, extend channel reach and generate product demand.

Our best in class logistics and customization expertise is the foundation of our distribution business. We manage and customize an extensive portfolio of devices including hardware and software with expertise in personalization, flex, flash and kitting. Our dedicated global team has created a unique approach to distribution, focusing on three key areas:

Market Trends — Innovation/Collaboration — Service

We continuously monitor global product trends, giving us insight into the wireless market today, and where it will be tomorrow.

Beyond providing you with insight into market trends, we work with you as a partner to create customized distribution solutions to meet those trends, generate demand and drive customer satisfaction.

Our unwavering commitment to service is what differentiates us. Service is the lifeblood of our business and we invite you to experience the unique difference.

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