From the top-down, Eneri Visions’ executive team drives a culture built around “outside-the-box” thinking and a belief that what is good can always be made better. Led by exceptional engineering, operations and marketing talent from top service providers and equipment carriers in the industry, Eneri Visions offers a breadth of experience in technology, fused with a customer-centric philosophy, to deliver best-in-class professional services

Executive Leadership

Wolanyo (Woody) Agudu

Co-founder, CEO

Wolanyo Agudu, has leveraged a distinguished career in telecom engineering into the growing services and software business known as Eneri. Throughout his career he has helped to build some of the world’s most technologically advanced ..more

Phil Green

Co-founder, Chairman

Phil L. Green, Sr. brings extensive telecommunications experience to Eneri Visions. Prior to co-founding Eneri Visions, Phil was President/CEO of Visions Telecom, Inc a privately owned firm that he established in Georgia May 2002 …more

Advisory Board

Gary Lasher

Board Member

Mr. Lasher presently provides consulting services to the business community. He is also a Board Director of Eneri Visions. In 2005, he invested in Islanet Communications, a company purchased out of bankruptcy. …more