Social Responsibility

Every living person has some gift or capacity of value to others. A strong community is one in which every member recognizes and honors his/her role in making the community a better place for all who belong to it. It is in this spirit that Eneri Visions affirms its commitment towards improving the community. We demonstrate our commitment through participation and support for selfless initiatives that add value to the community so that everyone can look forward to a better tomorrow.

How much difference can one person make? If that is quantifiable then how much more a team? At Eneri Visions, team work is at the heart of our existence and our success, and that means that as a team, we can also contribute to causes that result in great achievements for the community. In that regard, we set aside time to participate or support activities that result in improvements to the community. This includes :

  • The empowerment of students/children to prepare them as leaders of tomorrow
  • Providing support to safeguard vulnerable groups
  • Empowering citizens of the community through knowledge sharing and awareness promotion
  • Participation and support for green initiatives that reduce the threat global warming and preserves the environment

Empowering children/students

socres-1The most important job a person can have is to teach another. Educators have a great responsibility toward those they teach, because everything they do and say has a lifelong impact upon their students. For this reason, it is very important that the children and youth are empowered by allowing them to make good decisions within a set structure, and teaching them how to accept the outcomes of those decisions. It is important for students and children to be encouraged to develop a close relationship with the “self’ and to become aware of all reactions and feelings they may have in various environmental settings. Eneri Visions provides opportunities for the empowerment of students/children through summer internships, community events as well as participation in seminars and special projects that provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

Providing support to safeguard vulnerable groups

socres-2Amongst the most important defining characteristics for vulnerable groups are age, sex, ethnicity and location. But also important are people with disabilities and stigmatized illnesses, such as mental ill-health. In areas facing war or civil conflicts displaced people and refugees form an important vulnerable group as well. Eneri Visions is committed to helping local communities flourish and become stronger, safer places to live. This is done by contributing towards awareness initiatives and partnering with relief and/or non-profit agencies in their programs to safeguard identified vulnerable groups.

Empowering citizens of the community

Through community level awareness and training seminars, Eneri Visions is aiming to motivate and strengthen the involvement of citizens in the decision-making process on economic, social and environmental issues.

Participation and support for green initiatives

socres-3At Eneri Visions, our goal is to provide opportunities for our clients and their events to aspire towards the promotion of “green” initiatives. Among several green initiatives, we are committed to the reduction of waste through participation in reuse/recycling programs. We also observe World Environment Day by participating in various activities that promote a healthy and sustainable environment. We are committed to reducing energy consumption by standardizing on energy-saving technology and the use of energy saving supplies. Over time, our goal is to invest in new facilities and operating infrastructure that leverage green materials and logistics. Our operating practices will incorporate targets that promote a safe and healthy environment.

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